Back in 2004 I created NORTHERN BOY, a limited run of t-shirts inspired by northern states I loved.  I also produced a handful of shirts based on the comics and graphic novels I write.  I closed Northern Boy in 2007.

Welcome to the new NORTHERN BOY, an ultra-limited production of mostly comics-related tees.  Each run is a one-time printing, limited to about 25 shirts, and come with a signed and numbered card. 

NOTE ON SHIPPING BOOKS:  I ship using USPS flat rate packaging, and while its not cheap, its fairly simple and its the ONLY way I can get this done.  They just raised their prices, and I've adjusted the shipping options here.  You now have two options: "envelope" or "box".  Pick the one that makes the most sense (two t-shirts gets an envelope, three thick books gets a box, three slim books gets an envelope, etc).  I reserve the right to hit you up for extra shipping money if need be.

USPS specs on the envelope, and the box. I never charge more than what the shipping is.

I'll also be adjusting my prices a bit lower in the future to help make up for this.


When you make a purchase, be sure to check the "agree to marketing" box.  This enables your access to new shirts in a private sale before they are made available to the public.


Brian Wood
Brooklyn NY